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Viking Spas

About Viking Spas

In the early 1970’s, Viking Spas brought to the spa industry the first affordable portable round spa. Building one spa model meant one thing, quality control. Today, this third-generation, family-owned business continues to live by the rule of keeping it simple. Viking have expanded their spa line to offer eight stunning models, which are built in two to four different ways.


In the 1980’s, it was common for people to boast about how much they spent on a purchase. But times change. Now consumers research the features they need in a product and purchase according to the one that best meets these needs.


Viking strive to provide the highest quality spas at the most affordable price with the greatest therapy and a safety level that is unrivalled by any other manufacturer. Viking spas are one of the most energy market while still maintaining optimal water jet pressure. 

Viking's innovative spirit has brought to the spa industry many advancements that remain consumer desired exclusives. From Viking's SOFT-TOUCH Slip Resistant satin surface to our unequaled air and vibration therapy options. Viking spa's put your family’s safety and health at the paramount of their business.

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