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1kg Bromine Tablets + Tests Strips + Dispenser


Bromine Tablets

Bromine Tablets for hot tubs are ideal for a slow, daily dosing of your swimming pool or spa. They work by slowly releasing a continuous dose of free active bromine which kills bacteria and other potentially harmful organisms, keeping your spa water clean, fresh and above all safe. Bromine tablets are designed for use with feeders and floating dispensers, consequently they should not be added directly to the spa as this can result in damage to your spa. When your feeder device requires refilling with tablets, always make sure to follow manufacturer's instructions, and ensure that all tablets used are the same chemical (Bromo-Chloro-DimethylHydantoin)
Remove the dispenser from your spa water during use, but don't forget to replace it once you are finished.

In addition to using Bromine tablets in a floating dispenser, you will need to check your bromine levels regularly with a Test Kit to ensure you maintain a bromine residual of 3-5mg/l(ppm). You can adjust most feeders to ensure a constant bromine residual is correct in the spa, and top up with granules after bathing if required.

50 x Bromine Test Strips

One-dip to test, Test strips for Bromine water care. These test strips test for Bromine Level, Alkalinity and PH level. 50 in each pack.

How often should I test my hot tub ? - you should test your hot tub at least once a week. Some people prefer to test twice a week, to ensure balanced chemicals.
How do I know the optimal water levels for my spa? - The optimum levels are given on the test strip packaging.
Will these strips work in my pool ? - Yes, however as pools are larger, we recommend using a tablet test kit to ensure correct results. See our shop.
How long does a test strip take to test the water ? - It takes roughly 10-15 seconds to get a correct reading.


Floating Dispenser

Easy to use floating dispenser, can be turned up or down to increase/decrease flow of chemicals into your hot tub water

Confused about your hot tub water chemistry?
Our guides answer the most Frequently Asked Questions!

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