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Boreal Filter Cleaner with on/off button and power adjustment

Boreal Filter Cleaner with on/off button and power adjustment


A Boreal Filter Cleaner is a handheld powerful water sprayer with a comb attachment. It is designed to dig into the pleats of a pool or spa cartridge filter and pull out the bugs,vegetation and other debris that accumulates.The flat wide spray acts like a wall to drive out the loosened debris off the pleats.


Cleaning your filter has never been easier Cleaning your filter is imperative in maintaining crystal clear water in your hot tub, however, the task of cleaning a filter is not an easy one. Limescale, body grease, fats, flies, dead skin all end up in the pleats of your cartridge and until now removing such ..

1.Attach to a hose using the hozelock connector.

2.Spray the filter with Instant cartridge cleaner

3.Use the trigger and spray the water into the filter using the brushes to remove any unwanted debris.There is an on/off button and power adjustment.

4.Leave the filter to stand for at least 1-2 hours (10 minutes with Instant Cartridge Cleaner).

5.Then without filter cleaner liquid just use the water spray and brush to remove any remaining dirt.

6.When finished leave the filter to dry overnight.

7.If possible use 2 filters in tandem, one in use, one drying to lengthen the life of both filters.

8.Repeat this process on a monthly basis

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